Becki Logue

I bet Becki Logue doesn’t give a fuck about

recommended daily intakes.

Becki Logue gets into scraps on Facebook.

Becki Logue has doe eyes rimmed in Rimmel

And slags off other residents

On the community Facebook page.


Becki Logue is a badass




With her push-up bra

And perfectly angled selfies

And appropriately cryptic gifs

in the comments section

To shut down those who try

to put her in her place


Becki Logue

Spells her name with an ‘i’

She got 402 comments on

Approachable Vegans Australia when she wrote


It makes me so fkin mad how some of us are new vegans or

trying to transition and as soon as we ask a question that

may be an obvious one, people like to be bloody smart

asses and be really rude


Sorry not sorry if this offends anyone and I hope I don’t get

kicked out. But I’m sick of feeling so stupid for asking



Becki says

A girl is only as good as her eyebrows

Becki says

Never forget 9/11

Today: Becki’s aunty’s cat is missing

Today: Becki is counting on you

Becki Logue needs your help with a petition

“Cadbury: Make Caramilk chocolate a permanent thing”

Join Becki and 18, 801 supporters today.


I kind of hate Becki Logue

But I kind of love her too

Because she’s not afraid to arc up

And she’s trying to find her way

And I reckon we don’t have much in common

except the community Facebook page

But Becki Logue puts it out there

And I just hover and watch